Tax Litigation

We advise companies and private entities within the scope of tax litigation, from the administrative phase to the judicial appeal phase.

Tax litigations can be related to all types of taxes and our experience reflects this reality, including personal income tax and corporation tax, Value Added Tax, Stamp Duty, property taxes, excise duties and customs duties, transfer prices, tax benefits, charges, fees and contributions.

CCR Legal Tax Litigation

With our background in Tax Litigation, we are qualified to support our Clients in the following matters:
  • Tax inspections carried out by the competent entities
  • Administrative claims and appeals for the annulment of tax assessments and reverse charges
  • Administrative offences proceedings
  • Challenge of the validity of charges
  • Development of local and international strategies for the settlement of disputes
  • Planning of defence strategies based on a profound knowledge of national laws, of international treaties and of European Union law as well as of Portuguese case-law and of the case-law of the Court of Justice of the European Union
  • Representation of Clients before Portuguese judicial and arbitral courts, as well as the Court of Justice of the European Union, pursuing the annulment of tax assessments and reverse charges
  • Complaints to the European Commission
  • Information on updates to legal and regulatory provisions related with the Clients’ sectors and activity

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 Sónia Fernandes Martins

Sónia Fernandes Martins

Head of Tax Controversy & Dispute Resolution Law

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