Public Law

The enforcement of public law represents a challenge to public and private entities. The need for adequate, prompt and objective legal support is essential for decision-making.

Our clients seek advice on specific issues and use the wide range of services we offer, resorting to ongoing legal advice across the entire spectrum of Public Law, within the scope of a specific project or operation, and to the issue of legal opinions and advice.

CCR’s public law team has solid and vast experience working with public and private entities on different matters arising from, the relationships between public and private entities, the enforcement of administrative law and the enforcement of regulations that proliferate throughout the different sectors and that become real obstacles to the management of entities and organizations.

CCR Legal Direito Público
Legal advice in the field of public law

The public law team accompanies, in particular, the following matters:

  • Preparation of legal opinions, legal support in public law matters, enforcement of rules, procedures and relations with entities.
  • Public procurement, we provide a wide range of services, from the evaluation and implementation of a new model for the management of public contracts, to ongoing legal support to procurement procedures and the implementation of the contract;
  • Environment and territory planning, we provide advice on regulatory matters, support and accompany licensing processes, ensure compliance with international and national rules and regulations, accompany compulsory purchases of public interest and regularize urban situations;
  • Advice on regulatory matters, both supporting M&A operations, as well as, licensing procedures and supporting new investment projects. We have particular experience in transactions with regulated sectors, including in the areas of banking, insurance, pharmaceuticals, energy and natural resources, in general;
  • Incentives, we provide advice on matters related to the fulfilment of investment contracts, assessment of compliance with public procurement rules and assessment in M&A procedures.

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Tiago Silva Abade

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