Mergers and Acquisitions

Successful transactions are, by definition, operations that are cautiously and professionally outlined, that benefit from preventive and focused advice, so as to reduce the main risks and contingencies, with a view to establishing the conditions required to achieve the results desired by the Client with the least possible impact.

Our objective is to help strengthen and reinforce the positioning of key decision-makers, enabling them to adopt the solutions that best contribute to the implementation of an integrated strategy that provides added value to your company’s business.

This means going beyond traditional legal planning and advice, implying integration into the Clients’ own team, acting with vast specialized legal coverage in the different stages of the transactions for which legal support is provided.

Our Team focuses on leveraging the advantages and opportunities resulting from a wide range of operations, providing assistance at all stages of the planned operation, namely:

  • Structuring investment models considering the desired objectives
  • Setting-up of investment vehicles, including collective investment instruments
  • Sale and acquisition of companies, representation offices or business units, in the context of rendering advice to the seller or to the buyer, through due diligence processes and negotiation of the relevant contractual terms
  • Private equity transactions
  • Creation of joint ventures and other strategic partnerships (including consortiums and complementary business agreements)
  • (Re)financing operations
  • Restructuring of companies and businesses, including (national or international) split-off or merger, transformation or winding up operations
  • Advice on the implementation of businesses and subsequent legal formalities
  • Support in the post-implementation stage