Labour, Social Security and Immigration Law

Our objective is to help strengthen and reinforce the positioning of key decision-makers, enabling them to adopt the solutions that best contribute to the implementation of an integrated strategy that provides added value to your company’s business.

CCR Legal Labour, Social Security and Immigration Law

Within this context, we are dedicated to providing legal support to our Clients on a daily basis, in:
  • Preventive checkups to monitor the compliance level
  • Hiring of employees, including hiring of top executives and members of corporate bodies
  • Recruitment of trainees and service providers
  • Occasional/temporary assignment of employees
  • International postings of employees (in Portugal or abroad), including the elaboration of all internal regulations and legal contractual instruments with a view to the transfer and the temporary posting of employees and posting practices between companies
  • Contracting under an outsourcing scheme and subcontracting of services
  • Corporate restructuring procedures, downsizing, partial or total closure of companies and procedures for the transfer of undertakings or economic units
  • Due diligence processes, namely within the scope of transactions with employment impacts
  • Collective labour regulation instruments
  • Planning and implementing benefits and incentive schemes for employees
  • Legal procedures aiming at changing the contractual conditions for the employees
  • Prevention of occupational risks
  • Filing and directing disciplinary procedures
  • Planning and implementing redundancy procedures (collective redundancies, dissolution of the work position and termination by mutual agreement)
  • Negotiation with employee associations and official entities
  • Strategic management of human resources, namely with respect to decision making support and recruitment procedures
  • Settlement of labour conflicts and of disputes related to non-compliance of Labour Law and/or Social Security provisions
  • Legal advice to national and multinational Clients, on a daily basis, in recurring labour law issues

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